Storage & Transloading

Railcar Storage

CLN offers storage services for all types and sizes of railcars, for short or long-term periods.
-capacity for 500 railcars
-can accept empty or full railcars
-direct access to CN mainline (Joffre, PQ, JW11, & JW12)
-receiving/shipping daily
-service Monday to Friday, week-ends on an emergency basis
-competitive rates
-accurate, timely invoicing
-minor railcar repairs (sub-contracted)

We are located 155 miles from Montreal on CN mainline, 835 miles to Chicago


CLN offers multiple options for transloading your material. In addition to having an abundance of space, on and off the track available for the loading/unloading from rail to trucks or vice-a-versa, we have the following equipment dedicated to this function:
-loading ramp
-40 ton locomotive railcrane
-25 ton rubber-tire crane
-Speedswing, Trackmobile, Shuttlewagon and various other material handling equipment

Some examples of material transloaded:

-Metal: steel, aluminium
-Wood products
-Plastic pellets
-Gases: CO2, Argon, Propane
-Machinery on flatbeds
-Oversize electrical transformers